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Miranda Keeling



Where you've seen me: Emmerdale, Doctors, Eastenders, BBC1, ITV, Discovery Channel, Orange Tree Theatre, Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Where you've heard me: 

Winner of the BBC's Norman Beaton Radio competition, I've been in over 30 plays for BBC Radio Drama, DOCTOR WHO for Big Finish.

My agent: Nancy Hudson

My CV: Spotlight



Observations, articles, short stories, novels, screenplays, plays, poetry.

Where you've read or seen my writing: 

You may know me on Twitter as @mirandakeeling, where I post observational vignettes of the world around me. 

My words are also here: METRO online, Reader's Digest, short story, 'Alouette" in Gains and Losses by Barbican Press, miniature play ‘Bulldog’ for Uncommon Nonsense, Royal Court, 'Panphobia' at Stratford Circus Theatre, 'The Carbon Footprint Detective Agency' at the Arcola. 

Where you've heard my writing: 

Radio 3’s The Verb, the BBC’s Mark Forrest Show, Radio London, Tweet-off on the Tyne with the poet Ian McMillan.

What people say about my words:

‘For me they’re moments of sublime beauty and wonder in the everyday that remind me of the power of the so-called ‘ordinary’ to be the shimmering basis of art.’ 

Ian McMillan poet, BBC 3

'Miranda Keeling's little glimpses of London life are so perfect. They should be a book.' Moose Allain, artist

'You should be available on prescription.'

Keir Shiels, author


I regularly read at writers' events across the UK.

Interviewed about my writing by Jo Goode on Radio London.


Radio, commercials, e-learning, narration, audio books, podcasts.

I'm a BBC award-winning voice actor and I've been in over 30 plays for BBC radio.

Where you've heard me: BBC radio 3, 4 & 5, DOCTOR WHO for Big Finish, Children's and adult fiction narration, commercials, apps, e-learning and podcasts.

What I sound like: confidentclear, warm, smooth, bright, captivating .

What I'm like to work with:

I have an excellent ear.

I was born in the UK and raised in the US - my native accents are RP (standard British) and American (NE)

I prepare very well so I'm a bit of a one take-wonder - which saves time and money.

I love what I do and make sure you get the sound from my voice that is right for you.

Where do I record?

A studio of your choice.


My professional home-studio.


'I spend a lot of my time recording voice, and I always heave a sigh of relief when I learn that the artist is Miranda Keeling. Not only does she possess all the techniques and disciplines expected of a professional, she is also an absolute delight to work with. Miranda responds quickly and cheerfully to direction, and where possible will have scrutinised the script before arriving at the studio. This level of diligence is becoming a rare quality in voice artists.' 

Simon Walker (The Loophole Recording studio)

'Miranda's talent as an actor and her technical expertise as a voiceover artist meant that the process of creating the voiceover for our film, using her own state-of-the-art recording studio, was a seamless process. With perfectionism and pitch-perfect timing, she created an impressively professional finished product in a fraction of the time that such recordings usually take. Her easy, collaborative approach made her a joy to work with.' 

Katrin McMillan, CEO, Hello World

'Professional, creative and oodles of fun to boot! Miranda's voiceover brought our animation to life, and I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.' 

Tom Adams, Co-founder 60 Decibels

Meditation App
Games Design App
Commercial - Sureserve Gas
Landmine Charity
Book Narration American
Commercial - chocolate
Book Narration Yorkshire

Voiceover clients include:



Group coaching work and one-to-one training - online or in person, interview technique training, forum theatre, specialist role-play.


I am a presentation coach and trainer with over 10 years experience. 

Born in Yorkshire - I grew up in London, Wolverhampton, Holland and America. Add studying Russian into the mix, and it’s easy to see how I developed my aptitude for bespoke corporate



A winner of the BBC's Norman Beaton Radio competition - I have been in over 30 plays for BBC Radio Drama. I specialise in voice-work: skills which I use in my coaching to help clients achieve excellence in communication.


I train clients one-on-one and in workshops and groups - to learn how to present effectively. I also coach individual clients in interview technique and presentation skills.


'Miranda’s coaching was really helpful in terms of better conveying my message at interview. Miranda quickly puts you at ease and uses verbal and video feedback to help you adjust your voice and body language to maximise impact.' 

Jon Pickstone, Deputy Director – Regional Economic Development, Scottish Government

'Miranda provided very helpful advice in terms of where I wasn’t coming across well and how I could create a better impression on my interviewers. But I think the biggest benefit of her advice was the greater confidence with which I went into my interviews. Can’t thank her enough for helping me to my first two successful job interviews in 15 years.'

Eric Manners, Associate Director (Transport Planning), Jacobs



Clients include:



Across everything I do runs a common thread: I am interested in the details - the small moments that make up the every-day and which often have a larger echo.


I trained as an artist originally, with a degree in glassmaking - creating miniature sculptures from recycled glass. Each one swirled inside with universes of colour whilst fitting neatly into the palm of my hand.

As an actor and voice-over artist I focus on the things that make each character or piece of text uniquely captivating and clear. 

My writing-style is all about elevating the ordinary - stopping to notice my surroundings and weave what I see into stories that are by turns - tiny, vast, surreal, magical, poignant and familiar. 


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